Horse Fencing Boise Nampa Well Stem Pipe


If you want a relatively maintenance-free fence then horse fencing is the perfect solution for your ag needs. It is durable, practical, attractive to contain most any type of livestock or animal, including horses and cattle.

Pipe fencing has become quite popular over the years, especially for farm, ranch and rural properties in Idaho.

Pipe Fence - Best for Farm & Ranch

The biggest benefit is it looks great and it provides security, longevity, and containment while allowing almost complete visibility through it, plus adding value to your property.

Your pipe fence can be custom designed with horizontal rails and cross bars– 5 rail is most popular. You can also paint the used steel pipe however you want.

Horse fencing, made from drill-stem pipe, can also be customized with several different types of attached materials like wire, horse wire, barbed wire, hog panels and netting wire.

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