How Much Does A New Fence Cost in Boise?

After being in the construction business for nearly 20 years, there’s one question that we’ve heard more than any other: “How much does fencing cost?”

We know, we know, we know– you want the biggest bang for your buck.

Living in the high desert of Southwest Idaho (or even the mountains of Donnelly or McCall), you have to contend with weather extremes. Such as wind storms and intense heat, which requires choosing a durable material. And will we ever forget Snowpocalypse!

Cedar wood and vinyl are popular materials for privacy fencing. Extruded fence systems are also suitable for achieving a sense of privacy and security. The cost of fence installation in the Boise or Meridian area may also impact your budget if you are using a professional company to install.

Ah, Yes... Materials & Labor

The answer is: "It depends!!!" The primary price difference will be on the cost of installation labor and the type of fence materials you choose.

You will find the highest quality fencing with premium pricing is decorative steel or wrought iron. Next is vinyl and composites followed by cedar wood fences being less. The cheapest is chain link. But home-owners on a budget rarely install it due to HOA regulations, it is not ideal for privacy, and it's just not that pretty.

As Grandpa says, "You pay for what you get". Cheap prices will get you shoddy construction.

Keep in mind, skilled, expert contractors will drive the price up. But they dont cut corners, and they build your fence properly. (Be sure to check if your fence installer is licensed- VERY IMPORTANT)

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